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We, the members of the Granby Police Department, are dedicated to working collaboratively with citizens, community groups, and other agencies to preserve and improve our special quality of life.





We strive to be a continuously improving organization devoted to service excellence while working in partnership with the community to make our town a safe and healthy place to live, learn, work and play.






In the pursuit of our vision and in fulfilling our mission, we commit ourselves to following organizational values:


1.   We will hold ourselves to the highest standards of character, integrity, honesty, professionalism, morality and ethical behavior.


2.   We will enforce laws and serve our community with fairness and impartiality.


3.   We value and will seek citizen input when making decisions that impact the community.


4.   We will treat all people with dignity and respect.


5.   We value diversity in our community and workforce.


6.   We will continually look for ways to improve ourselves and our services.


7.   We will recognize individual talent, creativity and contributions while fostering a team oriented approach to problem solving.


8.   We believe that proactive problem solving has a greater impact on the quality of life than reactive responses to the symptoms of identified problems.


9.   We will respect and support our coworkers and maintain a healthy harassment free workplace.


10. Our organization leaders recognize their responsibility to manage work systems, while leading subordinates by serving and supporting their needs.