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About Granby

Nestled in the scenic Colorado Rocky Mountains, with breathtaking views of the Continental Divide and Rocky Mountain National Park surrounding you, it is easy to see why we say that Granby, Colorado,  is "The Heart of Something Grand."

Because we are located directly between Grand Lake and Winter Park, Granby offers visitors an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy everything that you would expect from the Colorado Rocky Mountain experience--all with a friendly, small town atmosphere that won't bust your budget.

Granby is located close to hiking, mountain biking, boating and rafting, horseback riding, hunting, as well as gold medal river water and trophy lake fishing.

With the onset of the Colorado Rocky Mountain winter, you can enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding, and snowshoeing...all in close proximity.

Granby has come a long way from its roots as a logging and railroad community, to the cow town down the valley from Winter Park, to the perfect vacation destination for you and your family.

Founded in 1905 and located at an elevation of 7,935 ft. above sea level, the sleepy mountain town has seen unprecedented growth over the last five years, and is quickly becoming known as the "in" destination for vacationers for its friendly atmosphere, great location and climate, and close proximity to Denver.

Granby has maintained it's proud ranching heritage and its friendly small-town atmosphere, despite seeing the growth of the Colorado tourist industry all around it.  You can only keep such a beautiful place a secret for so long.

For more detailed information about the history and museums of Granby and Grand County, please visit this website:

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Granby Facts:

  • Population:  2132
  • Elevation:  7,935 ft.
  • Average Precipitation:  Rainfall - 12.26"  Snowfall - 128.4"
  • Average Temp:  Summer - 50-85    Winter - mid-teens
  • National Forests:  2
  • Ranches in County:  97 covering 425,000 acres
  • Guest Ranches:  6
  • Ski Areas:  2
  • Golf Courses:  4
  • Total Square Miles:  12.097 miles (County records)