Town Services

Granby Community Center

The Town of Granby owns and operates the Granby Community Center which is available for rent by individuals and organizations. The building consists of two multi-purpose rooms connected in the center by a commercial kitchen.

Small Room: This room has a luxury vinyl plank floor, round tables and chairs with easy access to the kitchen. Seats approximately 30-40 at round tables. Suitable for baby showers/wedding showers, small meetings, birthday parties, etc.

Large Room: This room has a luxury vinyl plank floor and mirrors along one wall. Seats approximately 60–80 people auditorium style. 6ft rectangular tables and folding chairs are available for use. Suitable for large meetings, play groups, and active groups.

Community Building Rental Rate Schedule*
Private Use (birthday parties, non-profit board meetings, showers, business meetings, family gatherings)
                         1 Room            Entire Community Building      
0 – 3 Hours           $40                               $75
3 – 6 Hours           $65                               $125
Full Day                $105                             $250

Commercial Use (guests will be charged to attend or renters will be selling a product)
                          1 Room                        Entire Building
0 – 3 Hours          $70                                $120
3 – 6 Hours          $105                              $200
Full Day               $250                              $380

Political Committee Meetings - $35

Community Service Organization/Non-Profit Organization that offers a program free of charge and open to the public - $0

Damage & Key Deposit:  $300

The deposit requires a separate cash payment from the rental fee. It is only returned when key is returned, and there is no damage apparent or necessary additional cleaning.

*  Rates are subject to change at any time.

General Policies:
1.  No alcoholic beverages or smoking is allowed on the premises.
2.  The Community Center is available for rent from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM.
3.  All events must be completed by 9:30 PM and the building vacated by 10:00 PM.
4.  A Facility Reservation Permit Application must be filled out by the renter, with all fees and deposits paid before date of the reservation.
5.  Any type of decoration put up must be taken down at the conclusion of the event. No decorations may be hung from the ceiling tiles.
6.  In order to be reimbursed for the damage deposit, the key must be returned, and the room(s) must be left in the same condition that it was found. Floors must be swept and mopped if needed. Supplies/equipment are available in the small closet off the kitchen.
7.  If a youth activity is being sponsored, adult supervision (25 years or older) is required during the rental time – 1 adult for every 20 youth.