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Moraine Park Boundary
Map of Moraine Park Boundary
MP Source Water Protection Area
Map of the Moraine Park Source Water Protection Area

Moraine Park (MP)

Moraine Park is a 52 unit neighborhood outside of the Town of Granby limits. The Town took over and replaced the water system in 2014 after residents battled a number of issues with the previous, antiquated distribution system. Water from the Moraine Park system is specifically for Moraine Park residents as dictated by water rights. Moraine Park gets its water from two groundwater wells and has approximately one day of drinking water storage capacity depending on demand.


Water Fees & Billing 

Bills are mailed monthly and paid in advance at a flat rate fee of $114.05.

In 2023, a water rate study was done on the Moraine Park water system. As a result of the study, the monthly water rates for Moraine Park increased starting 1/01/2024. According to the rate schedule that was approved in August of 2023, users should expected a 5% increase on their water bill for the next several years.