Town Services

Sanitation Department

Sanitation entails wastewater collection (aka sewer services), not trash removal. Trash removal and recycling is not a Town provided service and is available through several private companies.


The Granby Sanitation District (GSD) is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the wastewater collection main lines in the North Service Area (NSA), West Service Area (WSA), and Moraine Park (MP). Being that the GSD is a separate entity from the Town of Granby, sanitation bills for these regions must be paid to the sanitation district. As a convenience to our residents, the Granby Town Hall is a drop-off location for GSD payments, but cannot accept online or credit/debit payments - those must be made directly through GSD's payment portal found on their website. 


Accounts in the South Service Area (SSA) have the sanitation fee built into their quarterly bill as the Town of Granby is responsible for the main wastewater lines in that region.


Please note, all property owners in all service areas are responsible for their water and sewer service lines beginning at the point of connection to the main per G.M.C 2.70.


 Water and sewer lines connect underground to the water and sewer mains.