Town Services

SSA Boundary Map
Map of the South Service Area Boundary
Map of SSA Source Water Protection Areas
Map of the South Service Area Source Water Protection Area

South Service Area Water & Wastewater

The Town of Granby maintains the main lines for both the water and sewer in the South Service Area. This region encompasses everything south of the Fraser River with the exception of the Edgewater development (see interactive map). Water for the SSA is obtained through three groundwater wells that are fed via the Fraser River. There are approximately 1,900 users in the area with approximately five days of drinking water storage capacity depending on demand.

Water Fees & Billing
South Service properties are billed in advance quarterly at a flat rate fee of $318.77. 
Granby Ranch properties (including vacant lots) that are or will be served by the Deberard Draw pay a $55.00 DeBerard Draw fee.
It may be helpful to note that quarterly billing begins once taps are in - this is regardless of construction phase and use.